Since June 1, 2000, Sluggo has traveled all over the place within the United States, as well as several locations through-out Europe, South America, and Asia.  From Boston to San Diego, Alaska to Miami, and Montreal Canada to Santa Cruz Bolivia.   While with the Air Force, he has been to Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Mildenhall England, and Istris France. 

Since flying International, he has been to London England, Shanghai China, Tokyo Japan, Zurich Switzerland, and Rome Italy.
In 2008, I went on my first 'Crossing' across the Atlantic Ocean on the Queen Mary 2. It was such an awesome experience, I couldn't wait to try it again. Sadly, it took me nine years to be able to get back on a ship. Not that I didn't want to, just didn't have anyone to go with until some friends invited me to go on an Alaskan Cruise in August 2017. I had so much fun, I went on two more cruises, both in the Caribbean cruise; one in November 2017 and the other in February 2018. A few ports were still closed from the multiple Hurricanes in 2017, so we went to different locations. One stop we couldn't, 'tender' to port as the waters were unsafe for passengers to go ashore, we ended up spending a whole day at sea.
February 2019, went on a 10 day South America cruise with friends. First time on Celebrity cruises. There were a few hiccups with embarkation, drinks, and a few other items, however, the staff on the ship were great! First time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and we had an awesome day visit in Rio de Janeiro. Our tour guide was tremendous, and I would love to go on another one of his tours!

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51 Days of Cruising

These are a few of the cruise ships that Sluggo has been on. Just like airlines, each cruise line has reward programs that give benefits the more you ride with them.

28 Dives | 18:26 hrs underwater

The red-and-white flag and 'Alpha' or 'Alfa' flag both mean 'I have a diver down; keep well clear at slow speed'

Offering 1st Class experience to diverse travelers


Enforce Federal Aviation Safety Regulations
Trained in emergency and medical procedures
Market and merchandise A.A. Products and Services
Manage any problem that may arise on board among ten crew members and two hundred and fifty passengers.

Planes that Sluggo is qualified to work and fly on.


These are all the planes that American flies.  (American Eagle flies different planes, you can see them as well as all the airplane specifications on  American flies the Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, Boeing 777-200/300, Boeing 787-800/900. American also flies Airbus A319, A321T/S.


  • F = First Class

  • BC = Business Class

  • PE = Premium Economy

  • MCE = Main Cabin Extra

  • MC = Main Cabin

Sluggo is currently an International Purser Flight Attendant based at Chicago International Airport.

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Queen Mary 2

Capacity: 2,695 Length: 1,132' Knots: 30 4 Oct 08 TransAtlantic 7-Day