DCI World Champions

With the new decade upon us, what are we going to see and/or hear? Who's going to dominate, and will there ever be another three-peat?


Every summer, the top corps in the country gather in one place to vie for the title of DCI World Champions. From DCIs Hall of Fame, I'm  pleased to salute the latest winner and honor all those who have come before.


To be listed here is no small achievement. The following corps names reflect the efforts of many individuals. Who have worked hard. Struggled long, and achieved much during the 2020s.

* Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, the DCI Summer Tour is Canceled*


Scores & Recaps: From the Pressbox Greg Blocher


Year     Corps

2020                 Season Canceled

2021                 TBD


Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN

Scores & Recaps

 Season Scores

Season Scores

Score              Attendance

Season Canceled          2020

 TBD                              2021


2000                 The Cadets - The Cavaliers

1999                 Blue Devils - Santa Clara Vanguard

1996                 Blue Devils - Phantom Regiment


Number of Wins &
        Inactive Champions

19 - Blue Devils

10 - The Cadets

 7 - The Cavaliers

 7 - Santa Clara Vanguard

 2 - Phantom Regiment

 2 - Madison Scouts

 1 - Bluecoats

 1 - Carolina Crown

 1 - Star of Indiana - inactive

 1 - Kingsmen - inactive


Star of Indiana


Highest Score

2014 - Blue Devils: 99.650

1988 - Santa Clara Vanguard 1st Highest Score: 98.8

2002 - The Cavaliers 2nd Highest Score: 99.150

Garfield Cadets - 1st Corps to have a 3-peat ('83-'85)
The Cavaliers - 2nd Corps to have a 3-peat ('00-'02)

Attendance numbers from DCI.org. Not all years were published. ('16 and '17 were Finals night only)

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